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        Indian Railway Online Ticket booking is under the website IRCTC. The only thing that we feel awkward about this site is the large number of types of waiting lists in the site. If you are booking ticket advancely and if all the seats are over they will allot you RAC which is reservation against cancellation. But after a limit of nearly 90 seats they will start alloting tickts as waiting lists.

So while booking there are the following kinds of tickets

1. Confirmed tickets

These tickets are confirmed against a particular seat number. Under any case you will get the seat specified in the ticket that is generated after the booking procedure.

2. RAC (Reservation against cancellation)

These tickets are given after filling all the general seats available at the time of booking. These tickets will get confirmed if anyone cancels his confirmed ticket. Normally nearly 90 seats are allotted as RAC tickets. If you are getting into the train with an RAC ticket which is not upgraded as a confirmed ticket, you will need to share a single berth with another person. Usually Ticket examiners will check such seats and allot them to vacant seats available due to the absense of confirmed travellers. But if no such seat is available you have to travel by sharing the seat with another traveller.

3. Waiting list Tickets

These tickets are alloted after exhausting RAC tickets also. By using a waiting list ticket booked through online, you cannot travel in the train. But if the waiting list ticket is directly booked from some railway station ticket counter you can travel but no particular seat will be given to you if no vacant seat is available after filling RAC ticket to confirm. But in case of online waiting list tickets you cannot travel if it does not advance to at least RAC. The money you paid will be credited back to your online banking account through internet banking but some money will be reduced as service charge.

Also there is a confusing display in the website while you are attempting to book a waiting list ticket. Suppose you see WL 24/WL15, what does it mean. It simply indiates that you are going to get ticket to the 24 th waiting list position, but there is already 9 cancellations and your current waiting list position is 15th. When more people cancel their confirmed tickets, your first number will remain the same ie WL 24, but the next one will decrease and when that comes to RAC you can travel in the train

Types of waiting lists

The main types of waiting lists in IRCTC are

WL- It is the common waiting list. This is for tickets booked in waiting against general quota

LDWL- This is the waiting list ticket against ladies seat reservation.

CKWL- This is the waiting list for tatkal tickets. This waiting list will advance to confirmed tickets only if some persons who booked tatkal ticket cancels. So the chance of getting ticket confirmed is very less if your waiting list position is greater than 10

PQWL- This is waiting list ticket against pooled quota. The chance for getting this ticket confirmed is very less. It will be confirmed only after confirming other waiting list tickets which usually does not happen in most of the cases


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